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Blue In The Tooth by Esther Gough

A Book Excellence Award Finalist

Blue In The Tooth is a book that discusses oral hygiene with a twist! Blue the sad tooth is the star. It’s every parents’ nightmare to have a child that won’t brush his or her teeth and Blue the canine tooth tells his story with a smelly, grimy grin!

It is an educational, vibrant and colourfully illustrated children’s book which you can purchase from Colour Therapy Twist in the UK. Additionally, it is a great audiobook to listen to whilst reading and looking at the picture book. This is also available as an eBook.

BLUE IN THE TOOTH, teeth hygiene with a colour therapy twist!

Every parent’s nightmare?

Why brush teeth?

BLUE knows why!

- In a short, colourful, educational story.

Audiobook to read along with this vivid, colourfully illustrated children’s book.

Ebook available.

Take a look and buy on AMAZON.

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