Educational, fun colourful children's books

By Writer and Author Esther Loftus Gough

Make your life a whole lot brighter by purchasing colourful books from Colour Therapy Twist in the UK. I have been writing books with appealing images for more than 20 years. As a mother, I thought of engaging my children in interactive hobbies. This is why I gave them books they can colour on their free time.

Like my children, you can also relax by colouring my creations. I have written a number of books over the years. Some of them are based on things that I love such as animals and the countryside. My books also include sayings about good manners and right conduct. I am currently working on a digital version (online game) of one of my books. Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese versions of the books will be available soon.

Colours Cure

I believe that colours are a symbolic, mentally stimulating aid in learning. For example, blue reminds us of peace while red often red denotes power and strength. When colouring my books, you can use hues that symbolise what you feel. (Added bonus of a colouring page at end of book.

Great for learning disabilities and also a colourful creative, mentally stimulating activity for Alzheimer’s disease.)

AUDIOBOOK an Amazon or AUDIBLE . An extra bonus to read along with.

More Information

I have attended the London College of Fashion and took design and business studies. Having sufficient knowledge about the psychology of colour, I have taught students as well. To learn more about me, visit the websites below.

Author’s and Their Pets

Our cat BUBBLY BUBBLES (Bubba)

Bubbles loves to sit and relax beside me when I’m writing and deep in thought. Our bubba Bubbles is a Ragamese rascal. He’s a cute affectionate kitty. Our family of pets consists of two dogs: Holly, a rescued Tibetan terrier and fluffy Florence, a Shih Tzu.

All of our adorable pet family helps me concentrate, relax, and put pen to paper.

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