Discover the Healing Power of Colour

Colourful vibrant books have gained popularity for their therapeutic calming properties. It is an activity that used to be reserved for children only. Not so now! Today, even adults love colourful books to pass the time or relieve stress. Turn to Colour Therapy Twist in the UK if you are looking for therapeutic books that help promote wellness and mindfulness.

Keep Calm With Colourful Books

I am an author and a colour therapist who is passionate about creating vibrant books for everyone. No matter your age, you will surely enjoy the colourful bright happy pages of my creations. To learn more about colour therapy, please click here.

You may also watch the video below to have a glimpse of my books. AUDIOBOOKS will be available through Amazon and Audible as well!

London international book fair

BLUE IN THE TOOTH: Teeth Hygiene with a Colour Therapy Twist!

Book Excellence Award Finalist

Colour Therapy Books

By Book Excellence Award Finalist - Esther Loftus Gough

Blue in  tooth, dental hygiene with a colour therapy twist! #brushyourteeth

Colour Therapy Twist in the UK offers colour therapy books designed to uplift and inspire the older folks as well as the young, as they reminisce about past times.

Do you like old ladies who like to have a pint at the pub? Then read on! Auntie Bertie and the Flying Circus Mouse with a colour therapy twist! Cats to the rescue. At Christmas time read Auntie Bertie bans Christmas, rescue cats save day- also with a colourful twist.

Great books to read to all members of the family. Contact us for further enquiries.

Colour Therapy Twist

Educational children's books

Let your child read along with Auntie Bertie or Blue the tooth!

A great way to practice reading along with colourful fun illustrations to follow the story.

Try AUDIOBOOK for BOOK EXCELLENCE AWARD FINALIST Blue in the tooth, teeth hygiene with a colour therapy twist!

Or there’s always Quirky Auntie Bertie and the flying circus mouse, with a colour therapy twist! ( Esther the author is Auntie Bertie!)


Also Great for reading difficulties.



BLUE IN THE TOOTH, teeth hygiene with a colour therapy twist!

Every parent’s nightmare?

Why brush teeth?

BLUE knows why!

- In a short, colourful, educational story.

Audiobook to read along with this vivid, colourfully illustrated children’s book.

Ebook available. Take a look and buy on AMAZON.

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